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How to get away with murder-Smile or got to Jail

I’m watching tonight’s episode, and there is a similar case to the boston marathon in which a woman’s fingerprints were found on a bomb, and so the defense is blaming it on the “leader” saying it was all his idea and the others were brainwashed. 

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Anonymous said: I get what yall sayin' but lets be real for a minute this kind of shit is in and out of the court 100 times a day without anyone going to jail for it. Domestic disputes between baby mommas aren't anything new and they ARE coming down way harder on her becoz shes a Tsarnaev. We still don't know the whole story or if the ex-gf is even telling the truth. Yall act like the ex couldn't possibly be making this shit up to get what she wants but a jilted ex lying to get her way isn't unheard of either.


There is more evidence than just the word of the ex.  There’s a reason she’s being held on $5K bail and it isn’t because she’s related to Jahar and Tamerlan.  My money is on recorded evidence of Ailina’s threats.

I believe she was told not to drive near the boyfriend’s ex and she violated those restrictions.

Marathon bombing victim Fucarile wants Tsarnaev to face victims


BOSTON (AP) - Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hasn’t appeared in court for more than a year.  

Marc Fucarile, who lost his right leg in the bombings that day, hopes that will change soon.

"I’d like to have to see him face us, that’s why I come," Fucarile said outside federal court after Tsarnaev’s latest pre-trial hearing on Thursday.  

Defense lawyers for Tsarnaev sought to change the venue and the date of his trial, which is slated to begin on November 3. 

Fucarile’s upset that Tsarnaeav hasn’t come to court since 2013.

“‘Cause he’s a coward, ‘cause he didn’t face us that day. He walked away. If he was a real man he could have stood there,” Fucarile said.

Defense attorneys are pushing to delay the start of the trial, at least 10 months, and also to move it to Washington D.C. 

However, attorney Brad Bailey says he doubts the judge will allow the trial to leave Massachusetts.

As for moving the date, Bailey said he could see the trial starting in January 2015, or even next March.

"I don’t see him going much further than that," Bailey said.

Defense attorneys for the accused Marathon bomber simply say they are not ready, that they have mountains of evidence to sort through, adding that it’s just too soon to begin, especially because Tsarnaev is facing the death penalty.

"This is going take a lot of work, and I understand why the defense wants more time," Bailey said.

Waiting is something Marc Fucarile says he’s gotten used to in the last 18 months, but that he came to court for a reason.

"I came out to make sure the people working on the case, the judge, know that victims do care." 

Judge George O’Toole says he will rule on both matters very soon.

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Anonymous said: From Britney's FB: "if they're terrorists why would they try to kill hundreds but not kill the Guy after he withdrawed the $$? he could've sat dead in they backseat while they drove around. yet he supposidly escaped at a gas station.Jahar isn't dumb so I mean why would he casually roll up to a gas station with an alive civilian in the car? & facts are u can pay anyone to say anything.I wanna see proof"


because criminals are stupid and they panic when they’re about to get caught

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Ailina Tsarnaeva


NEW YORK (AP) — Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s sister was arrested Wednesday on suspicion she threatened to bomb a woman who previously had a romantic relationship with her boyfriend.

Ailina Tsarnaeva, who lives in North Bergen, New Jersey, made the threat against an upper Manhattan woman via telephone on Monday, police said. She turned herself in at a Manhattan police precinct, and police charged her with aggravated harassment.

Several media outlets reported Tsarnaeva told the Harlem woman she had “people who can go over there and put a bomb on you.”

Officers gave Tsarnaeva an appearance ticket and released her pending a Sept. 30 court date.

A telephone number linked to Tsarnaeva was disconnected. Her lawyer, George Gormley, said he had left his office and would speak Thursday.

Tsarnaeva has been required to check in with Massachusetts probation officers since prosecutors said she failed to cooperate with a 2010 counterfeiting investigation.

Prosecutors said Tsarnaeva picked up someone who passed a counterfeit bill at a restaurant at a Boston mall and “lied about certain salient facts during the investigation.”

At a hearing last October, Gormley said Tsarnaeva was pregnant with her second child and was unlikely to flee.

Tsarnaeva once lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at an apartment linked to her brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who were the subjects of an intense manhunt in the Boston area in the days after the deadly April 2013 marathon bombing.

Records show Tsarnaeva now lives with a sister, Bella Tsarnaeva.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is charged with building and planting the two pressure cooker bombs that exploded near the marathon’s finish line, killing three people and injuring more than 260 others. He has pleaded not guilty.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev died after a gunbattle with police.


BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) — Attorneys for suspected marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev filed a motion Friday to dismiss the indictment against him.

His law team claims ongoing concerns over the general Grand Jury selection process in Federal Court in Boston, and that should mean the charges against him should be tossed.

The defense claims several violations, including failure to send some replacement jury summons for ones returned as “undeliverable” and concerns over the alleged under-representation of African-Americans and the elderly. Tsarnaev of course could face the death penalty for the marathon bombings that killed three, and injured more than 260.

The prosecution has yet to respond.

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teddiegirl said: Yeah I no,should have put this in my previous ask but do we know how J+T arrived at the marathon? Did they take a cab or drive? Can u take the subway there? Also, has J admitted that there was a suicide plot? Can't believe it. T got away with W and I think the dumb fuck thought he could get away with this, probs by fleeing the country. J was waiting on his passport, no? xxx


There has been nothing reported about how the brothers arrived at the marathon.  They could have taken the T or a bus from Cambridge.   My best guess would be that they cabbed it over to the marathon area.  I imagine getting a cab on Marathon Monday would be quite difficult, or would it be…. 

Anyhoo, I expect to get details about how that entire day played out and who they had contact with during the trial. 

According to early reports, during Jahar’s hospital interrogation he told LE that he and Tamerlan had originally planned for a Fourth of July attack and had considered suicide vests.  They decided against it because they didn’t have suicide vests…. whaaaaat????…  This from two guys who later constructed sophisticated pressure cooker bombs…. I’m side eyeing the entire statement considering Jahar’s medical condition and limited ability to communicate.  It sounds pretty bullshitty to me, but who knows?….  Additionally, the statement that they finished the bombs early so they decided to target the marathon instead of waiting until July 4th is just odd as hell.  Those bombs were well constructed and both detonated flawlessly.  Sure, maybe it was  luck, but it’s more likely that Tamerlan had practice putting pressure cooker bombs together overseas and constructing them shouldn’t have been a weeks or months long process.  

Khairullozhon Matanov was a cab driver. That would be interesting.

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Anonymous said: Why would jahar fans send fanfic to the sisters? Honestly that's a dick move on both sides of the argument : 1. If they do it to suck up to the sisters and try to get "close" to the family, they just make themselves look desperate and eager for attention. 2. Why would they do that, like the sisters will give them a prize or something? It'll probably disturb the sisters if they end up sending it to them and the sisters will definitely freak the fuck out. It serves no good for anyone.dumbasses


I wonder if someone has actually done that? If so, I doubt Bella and Ailina would discuss it publicly.

I remember people were sending the pictures of Jahar wounded on the boat and tamerlan’s corpse to his mother’s email. People will do anything to get any sort of response from the family.

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Anonymous said: I think it's far fetched to think that Karima and Zubeidat and Bella and Ailina are going to find tsarnaev fan fiction. You kind of have to go looking for that sort of thing, like typing in "jahar sex fanfic" on google which I highly doubt someone's sister would do about their brother...


Just for fun, I Googled “Jahar sex fanfic” myself. I went up to page 6 and didn’t find any direct links to my work. You would have to know my pseudonym, the titles of the stories, and/or Archive of Our Own to find them.

I looked for “Jahar” on Archive of Our Own. Ten of the fifteen works were mine. The others were about Wheel of Time (which has a character named Jahar Narishma) and Animorphs (which also has a character named Jahar).

On FanFiction.net, someone wrote an Animorphs story about its character Jahar, and a commenter had bad, bad reading comprehension (see the top one). FYI, FanFiction.net does not allow RPF (Real Person Fiction).

they may not be able to find it, but jahar fans will probably send it to them